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Grammar Empty Count and NonCount Nouns

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Count and NonCount Nouns (with Plurals, Articles, and Quantity Words)
Section 1: Definition of Count and Noncount nouns
Count or Noncount?
The main difference between count and noncount nouns is whether you can count the things they refer to or not.
إنّ الإختلافَ الرئيسيَ بين الأسماءِ القابلة للعدِّ وغيرِ القابلة للعدِّ هل يُمْكِنُ أَنْ تَعد الأشياءَ التى تشير إليها أَو لَا.
Count nouns refer to things that exist as separate and distinct individual units. They usually refer to what can be perceived by the senses.
تُشيرُ الأسماءُ القابلة للعدّ إلى الأشياءِ التي تَوجِدُ كوحدات فردية منفصلة ومُتميّزة. ويُشيرونَ إليها عادة بما يمكن ادراكه بالأحاسيسِ.
( table , chair , word, finger , remark , girl ,bottle , award , candidate )
Example sentences:
I stepped in a puddle. (How many puddles did you step in? Just one.)
I drank a glass of milk. (Glasses of milk can be counted)
I saw an apple tree. (Apple trees can be counted)
Noncount nouns refer to things that can't be counted because they are thought of as wholes that can't be cut into parts. They often refer to abstractions and occasionally have a collective meaning (for example, furniture).
تُشيرُ أسماءُ غير قابلة للعدّ إلى الأشياءِ التي لا يُمْكن أنْ تُعد لأننا نفكّرفيها ككل و الذي لا يُمْكن أنْ يُقْطَعَ إلى الأجزاءِ. ونشير إليها كاسماء مجرده في أغلب الأحيان و من حينٍ لآخر كاسماء جَمع (على سبيل المثال، أثاث).
( anger , furniture , warmth , courage , education , leisure , progress , weather ,precision )
Example Sentences:
I dove into the water. (How many waters did you dive into? The question doesn't make any sense; therefore water is noncountable.)
I saw the milk spill. (How many milks? Milk cannot be counted.)
Section 2: Uses of Count and Noncount Nouns
Pluralizing جَمْع
The Rule
From the definitions of mass and count given above you may have already guessed the rule for pluralizing them:
مِنْ تعاريفِ أسماءِ التى تعد وأسماءَ الجنس المعطاه بأعلى فربما تكون قد خمنت قاعدة الجمع :
most count nouns pluralize with -s
noncount nouns don't pluralize at all
This rule works for all of the nouns in the lists of examples in the first section. Check this rule for yourself before reading further.
تَعْملُ هذه القاعدةِ لكُلّ الأسماءِ في قوائمِ الأمثلةِ في القسمِ الأولِ. دقّقْ فى هذه القاعدةِ قبل تكملة القراءة .
An Exception to the Rule
For a number of nouns, the rule needs slight revision. Certain nouns in English belong to both classes: they have both a noncount and a count meaning. Normally the noncount meaning is abstract and general and the count meaning concrete and specific. Compare:
I've had some difficulties finding a job. (refers to a number of specific problems)
The talks will take place in the Krannert building. (refers to a number of specific lectures)
The city was filled with bright lights and harsh sounds. (refers to a number of specific lights and noises)
She succeeded in school with little difficulty. (refers to the general idea of school being difficult)
I dislike idle talk. (refers to talking in general)
Light travels faster than sound. (refers to the way light and sound behave in general)


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